Thomas Sjöberg represented by Hibriso

Hibriso was founded in December 2020 and has already produced two international feature films. It is now clear that the company also will represent the author Thomas Sjöberg's work. In September, the well-known author signed a unique agreement regarding the film rights to four of his books and two stories.

– It feels fantastic to be represented by an international film company with such an exciting and innovative concept, says Thomas Sjöberg.

– Thomas' books fit well into our strategy. We only work with genre films and premium films. Everything in between we leave for others, says Albert Avramovic, co-owner of Hibriso and CEO of Take One AB, which distributes Hibriso films worldwide.

The film rights apply to:

Ingmar Bergman – Love, Sex And Betrayal
Ingvar Kamprad And IKEA – A Swedish Tale
Porn King – The Amazing Story About A Swedish Porn Empire
The Nanny In Knutby
The Baltic Treasure
Björn Axén – In Her Majesty's Discreet Service

Thomas Sjöberg
Image by Ola Jacobsen



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